50 Years of Social Medicine: Online Workshop

Posted on March 22, 2021

Social Medicine is an umbrella term for a plurality of local initiatives since the 19th century that have attempted to make access to medicine easier and fair. In other words, social medicine has been considered as a way to achieve social justice through medical and health practices. In this workshop, we want to investigate the variety of forms that social medicine has taken over the last 50 years. While considering the long history of social medicine since the end of the 19th century, we will focus on its specific position and role within the history of sanitary reforms since the 1970s. To do so, we will examine the temporalities of social medicine, in terms of continuities, discontinuities, and the changing actualisation of its practices, knowledge, and critiques.

29-30 March 2021

The workshop will be held online. Please register via e-mail to sophie.hansal@univie.ac.at and use the following link to participate: https://univienna.zoom.us/j/99031419223?pwd=eWdpdWdhOWE4MGZWSU1uTnF4T2llUT09

Meeting ID: 990 3141 9223, Passcode: 209414

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