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Advice to British soldiers about malaria. Coloured pen drawing by Copp, ca. 1944..
Credit: Wellcome Collection. CC BY.

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The Social Medicine Reader produced by colleagues at UNC Chapel Hill provides a survey of the challenging issues facing today’s health care providers, patients, and caregivers by bringing together moving narratives of illness, commentaries by physicians, debates about complex medical cases, and conceptually and empirically based writings by scholars in medicine, the social sciences, and the humanities.

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Key Papers in Social Medicine

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Social Medicine and COVID-19

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Social Medicine in Africa

Special Issue: Medical and Health Humanities in Africa: Inclusion, Access and Social Justice. BMJ Medical Humanities 2018, Vol 44(4).

Tsampiras C., Mkhwanazi N., Hume V. (2018) Inclusion, access and social justice: the rhizomic evolution of a field across a continent . (Open access)

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Breath Symposium 2020: Medicine and Health Humanities Africa

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Academic Conference December 2021, Lausanne: The Future of Social Medicine, Michelle Pentecost.

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Social Medicine in South America

Tajer D. (2003) Latin American social medicine: Roots, development during the 1990s, and current challenges. Am J Public Health 93 2023–2027.

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